How to play dota 2 for beginners? Basic rules

The first thing you must understand is that Dota 2, like all MOBA genre games, is a very difficult game. No jokes or overstatements. There are several niceties of how to play dota 2 for beginners:

  • If you haven’t played MOBA before, getting to know the basic rules and mechanics can be hard to learn.
  • The game has a whole bunch of everything: heroes, items, mechanics, bundles, bugs, and features. To understand and remember everything, you need to play far more than one evening. I need more than 400 hours)
  • Due to its complexability, Dota 2 is a very competitive and toxic game with a rough community. Even in “fun” modes, people are toxic. Be ready to hear a lot of bad words in your address.

But this is not the main thing, now directly to how to start playing Dota 2.

How to start playing dota 2? How to install Dota 2? In-game tutorial

After installation, the first thing you need to do is to complete the tutorial. Previously, the training system for beginners in Dota was pretty poor, but over time the situation has changed for the better. Now training in the game is not so deplorable. 

To get training in Dota 2, go to the Knowledge Base tab. Inside are small tasks that will acquaint you with the basic game mechanics.

After that, press “Play”. At first, it is better not to play in a competitive mode. Instead, play a few matches with AI (bots).

Dota 2 strategy and heroes to start

The whole action takes place on the static map of Dota 2. The two sides of Radiant and Dire are fighting with each other. The main building is called Ancient, and the aim of the game is to overthrow the enemy Ancient. There are three lines leading to it, the central (middle), lower (bottom), and upper (top). Also on both sides, there is Jungle, a place of the spawn of neutral creeps.

It’s better to start with simple heroes, but over time you try to climb a step higher. Use the filter to find hero difficulty. The filter graph is situated in the lower right corner.

We advise you to get acquainted with the heroes in the game with bots or in demo mode. What is demo mode? Let’s say you want to learn Dragon Knight abilities. In the hero tab, simply start typing Dragon Knight and the game will highlight the hero. After that, click on his icon and click the test button. You will find yourself in a special lobby with infinite gold, in which you can activate a variety of settings. For example, spawn dummy bots. The most important thing is to learn the skills of the hero and a variety of its combinations.

How can I play dota 2 and learn quicker?

One of the best ways to learn how to play dota 2 online is to play it with your friends. This greatly reduces the chance of toxic teammates during the automatic selection of players for a match. If your friend is an experienced player, he will be a good teacher for you. Remember that this is only a game and you should not take the statements of other players personally. If you lost, never back down, even pro players started from scratch.

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