Best CS:GO players

CS: GO. A small acronym that is meaningless to people unfamiliar with gaming. But for any gamer, this game is legendary. Millions of people spend their free time every day playing their favorite video game, a feat that no other game has achieved.
But in addition to people who just have fun in Counter-Strike, some avid players devote themselves to it. They are called e-sportsmen. Today we will look at the top of the most successful and most skilled players in the entire history of Global Offensive. Also on this list will be players who have already finished their eSports careers.

Best CS:GO players in 5 different in-game roles

Karrigan. Finn Adersen is one of those who not only makes rounds but also does the work of the commander. He motivates you to play, he will accurately point out your mistakes and the main thing he does is to direct his teammates according to plan, to take extremely vital rounds. And he does it perfectly. Karrigan recently made his dream come true and won a Major with his hometown team FAZE CLAN.

Entry fragger
XANTARES. A Turkish player with a 16% open frag percentage to all kills. He was one of the best aimers of his time. Also known for his style of peak (XANTARES PEEK): accurate, refined, and least risky.

The best CS:GO player in the world, the greatest AWP player is Ukrainian Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostylev. Every time Sasha gets his hands on an AWP, fear fills the map for his opponents. Every flick or no-scope is a guaranteed kill or at least a hit. 50% of pro players consider s1mple to be the top 1 in his role.

One of the most difficult roles, because you need to predict the opponent’s actions and catch good and profitable timings for yourself and your teammates. Lurkers should give information and wait for their opponents in places where they would never expect to meet you. sergej is endowed with all these qualities. ENCE star in 2019.

The best support in the entire history of CS:GO is Xyp9x – the star of the legendary Astralis team. Four-time Major champion. Also, in addition to the best support, Andreas Hoyslet has the title of clutch minister, which indicates the versatility and uniqueness of the player.

Top 10 csgo players for the entire history of Counter-Strike: Global

Our experts prepared a top of the bests CS:GO players in the world’s ranking:

Kenny “kennyS” Scrub
This Frenchman is the most dominant AWP player of the 2014-2015 period. It was he who first allowed the team “TITAN”, later “EnVyUS” to reach the heights they reached at that time.

Freddy “KRIMZ” Johansson
Taking the main role in the team, his average rating for 1719 cards is 1.05. Also, from 2014-2020, he got into the top of the best players of the year 5 times.

Robin “flusha” Ronquist
Three-time champion of the most prestigious tournament – MAJOR. The performance of his game in 2014 was incredible. On YouTube, you can find thousands of video exposes, alleging that Robin is a cheater. At that time, no one could believe that he was such a skilled player.

Patrick “f0rest” Lindbergh
Patrick is one of the few people who was able to play more than 2000 cards on the pro stage. For such a huge amount, he was able to keep his average rating at 1.11. We remind you that he is already 33 years old. Major champion as part of NiP in 2014.

Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo
Brazilian pro player. Performed the role of AWP in the MIBR team. In 2015, he was chosen as the most influential person in Brazilian eSports. 2016-2017 is the time of FalleN’s father’s dominance as the best AWP player and captain. And yes, he could combine these two roles and remain at the highest level. MLG Major Championship: Columbus as a Lumonisity Gaming player.

Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer
Swedish pro player is also known as “olof”. The best CS:GO player of 2015 according to HLTV. Two-time Major champion as part of the then-undefeated Fnatic. Known to many players for his memorable round on Overpass when he defused a bomb while burning in the hammer. The graffiti on plot B is dedicated to this moment.

Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovach
6 times in the top 20 players of the year according to HLTV (2013-2018). Awarded with 8 MVP medals in the most prestigious tournaments. Participated in the Major finals 2 times. The legend of teams like Natus Vincere and Faze Clan. One or even the only Slovak player who has reached such heights.

Nikola “NiKo” Kovacs
Currently, this Bosnian is the best rifler and aimer. Known as a former Faze Clan player and more recently G2. One of the most consistent and gifted players of all time. 10 times he was included in the list of the best players of the year according to the versions of the most influential and authoritative resources. The owner of 7 MVP medals and the champion of many of the most prestigious tournaments since 2017.

Nikolai “dev1ce” Reedtz
Working with Astralis for 5 years, he became the record holder for majors won, namely 4 majors in 2017-2019 in a row. He played the role of a sniper in his team. A super talented and skillful player who was able to achieve everything possible, and not just once. 19 times awarded MVP of various tournaments, and this is only according to the version of HLTV. From 2014 to 2021, every year he was included in the top 20 players of the year. Also, Nikolai is in the top 30 gamers according to Forbes magazine.
Best CS:GO player in the world

Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostylev
This player is definitely a god of this game. He feels every pixel of his character’s movement and aim. A versatile player that perfectly practices both AWP and automatics. In the team, he often plays the role of both an entry-fragger and a sniper, and sometimes even takes the role of captain.

Playing on the tier-1 scene for 7 years, Sasha showed unreal results in his game. Despite the 5-year ban, s1mple did not give up, on the contrary, he was even more charged and became even more hungry for victories and achievements. In 2022, he became the player with the most MVP awards, that is, he received 20 MVPs. He got into the top 10 players of the year 6 times, 2 of them in 1st place, and 3 in second place. He also won the Intel Grand Slam with his native NaVi team, i.e. victory in four of the world's most prestigious tournaments in a row. And finally won the championship at PGL Major Stockholm 2021 after losing three finals of this tournament. Famous CS:GO players ScreaM A famous pro-cyber-athlete who created an incredible sensation around himself by popularizing such a shooting technique as a one-tap. His kill percentage to the head is 70.6%. Since 2019, no one has been able to beat this indicator. Ceh9 A player from the very first NaVi squad that won the Intel

Extreme Masters 4 and is known not only for his legendary profanity during that tournament but also as a streamer. Arseniy is actively developing his Twitch and stream almost every day.

This young talent burst onto the scene very unexpectedly, and in less than a year he became the best player of the year, later twice. Formerly known as the “frog” because of his extraordinary ability to bunnyhop and generally move in the game. A very promising player who deserves to be a Major champion.

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