How to play CS:GO? Basic rules

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CS: GO is an online 3D action shooter. It was created on the Source engine. Let’s see what it offers.

There are two sides Terrorists (T)  and Counter-Terrorists (CT). Each team consists of 5 players. The main mission of the Terrorists is to plant the bomb on the marked place on the map and provide its explosion. There are two bomb plants on each map marked A and B. CT must prevent planting the bomb by killing all Terrorists or defusing it. One competitive match lasts 30 rounds. After the first 15 rounds (first half), players automatically switch sides. The team that wins 16 rounds wins the match.

How to play counter strike global offensive?

Today all gamers know “how to play CS:GO” or “how to install CS:GO”. But if you don’t know – this section is for you.

To begin, to play CS:GO you must download Steam using your browser, and register an account using your e-mail or phone. Find Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the Steam market and press the green button “Play Game”. And the main thing, you don’t need to buy it because it’s free-to-play. There are more than 8 maps in competitive CS:GO.  

Click on the maps icon in the menu and click “find the match”. There is also ranking matchmaking in CS. Players there compete there to become stronger and more skilled.

How to start playing CS:GO and show better results?

If you want to become a famous player and prove your mastery, you need to train. Before starting to play ranked match-making it will never be superfluous to warm up on the training map. You can install them from the workshop directly in CS. Kill at least 500 bots in different in-game conditions and after, you will feel more confident in the match.

You can also play games that increase your reaction time, such as Guitar Hero or Piano Title. Do a reaction time test to track your improvement. But do not wait for a momentary result. All will come with experience – just practice, make training scheduled, and you will see the difference.

How do you play CS:GO and hidden in-game characteristic?

Remember that CS:GO is only a game. Do not get mad if your teammate plays worse than you. When you get reported in-game your BI (Behaviour Index) becomes lower. And you will play with players with the same low behavior index and less adequate as a result. A behavior index is a hidden in-game statistic of an account that shows how adequate its owner is. The more reports you receive, the poorer your index will be. You won’t make your teammate play better by shouting in voice chat. Even s1mple has unlucky games, and it’s okay. Rest for some time, or try to play with friends. Who knows, maybe that is your win condition. 

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